CR First 2018 Men’s Conference

CR First Men's Conference!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa - First Assembly of God



What a great conference and the first one that I've ever been too.  It was a great event ran by even greater people that care about spreading the message of Christ.  Our guest speakers were Dave Roever and Jeff Grenell who were amazing speakers and did an excellent job of bringing everyone together with the message of Christ and how he's impacted their lives.  I got the opportunity to meet other men in eastern Iowa that want to hear the word and get involved with the message of Christ.  The whole experience was very powerful and I'm definitely looking forward to next year.  I got the pleasure of being able to volunteer and help out where needed (even if that means rolling ankles down the stairs) it was totally worth it btw!

I have included some links below so you can check out Dave and Jeff on Youtube and get to witness some of their content on the web.


Dave Roever's Story


Jeff Grenell Youtube Video




Pastor Dave!

Is that a tank?!?!?!

Dave Roever & Bruce Aune

Pastor Jonathan & the Worship Band

I'm here for the party~!


Some Sweet Hardware


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