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Hello!  Been awhile since I've made a post but it is good to be back!  Today I wanted to talk about the relationships in your life and what the impact is you have on others.  Relationships are the single most important aspect of anyone's life.  So many people in this world like to 'use' or 'abuse' other people for personal gain.  Are you one of those people?  Do you find yourself using other people's good will for your own personal gain?

These are questions with serious consequences not only for your own well being but for those around you.  We as a population should be focused on building each other up through our own good will and personal sacrifice to make the world a better place.  After all money and power is only going to last so long then it's gone forever.  You cannot take anything on this earth to the grave with you so why try?  There is an eternity after this life and it is written very clearly in scripture that you should 'treat others as you would like to be treated' which is commonly referred to as the golden rule.  Imagine if for one day everyone in the world did one thing to improve their relationship with a brother, sister, parent or great would our world be?!?!?  The answer is you could improve our world greatly overnight by choosing to improve the relationships in your life.

Relationships take time to build and require a lot of effort and there is no guarantee that you will ever receive anything back.  Although with the love of Christ and his eternal light inside of you your tank will never run on empty.  No matter how many people reject your attempts it will not matter because you have an eternal light for everyone to see and witness.  Let the love of Christ light not only your way but for those around you as well.  When you have a strong and personal relationship with Christ you will learn how to love and accept others just as he has done for us!  In case you were wondering 'we can love because he first loved us', think about that for awhile :).

I would really like to hear some stories about relationships in your life and how you're handling them.  If you don't know Christ yet don't be a stranger!  Ask the lord to come into your life with an open heart and you will receive the ultimate gift of his never ending love.  When you do this I guarantee you will be better prepared to handle the relationships in your life and to be able to let your light shine for everyone to see.  Post your comments/feedback and let me hear your experiences and stories!  God Bless.



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